i’ll write answers, and you guess the questions! it’s interactive.


writer, actress, dog walker, business partner.

men, women, current loverfriend, dogs, beach, money, Pharrell Williams, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, yoga, clothes.

obviously current loverfriend and Pharrell (same person? possibly.).

New Orleans and Australia.


yes, of course.

NO. unless you paid me. i’m easy.

Polar Bear.

someone i can laugh a lot with. andmakeoutwith.


email me what you think the questions were – if you get them right (or make me laugh), I’ll send you a prize (probably just a picture of me. or my dogs. attached to an email.)

6 responses to “me

  1. Ok, I’ll play – since I found this on FB…..

    The year you were born.

    What is your profession.

    What are your loves.

    Who would you love on most?

    What were the best places you’ve visited?

    How many yoga pants do you have?

    Do you drink?

    Would you ever have a 3some? wow…couldn’t resist that one.

    What’s your favorite animal at the Zoo?

    Who’s Sean?

  2. My personal cupcake-eating contest record.

    The last four people Hercules ate.

    What’s in your trunk right now.

    What’s alive in your trunk right now.

    Places where English is the official language but you still can’t understand what people are saying. See “yat dialect”.

    My weight. In kilograms.

    Was Deuce Bigelow, Male Gigelow the best movie of all time?

    Can you please shower?

    Your stripper name.

    Polar Bear.

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