goal coaching

Laura’s upbeat and positive energy is infectious. She knows you can do anything and she shows you how to get it done! With her organized style and creative flair she taught me how to set goals and reach them.

I was at a point in my life where my teenage children didn’t need me the same way they had when they were younger. I needed to step out of my old role of managing others and learn how to grow and manage myself. Laura helped me to balance the needs of my family with my needs of growing my own dog training business.

She helped me to dream big and to set realistic goals to grow my business with her clear no-nonsense approach. With her method when I did fall off my goal setting with Christmas holidays and sickness I had the tools and skills to hop right back in the saddle.

Laura has a great system to help you get what you want from your life and reach your goals!

Thank you Laura!

Sarah P.

Wenham, MA


goal coaching!

with me!


Because everyone needs a partner in crime to get everything they want in this life – especially a neutral, non-judgmental, objective, fun, awesome, smart (see where I’m going with this?) girl like me. 🙂 Also! I’m amazing at goal setting.

If you have things you want to do, I can help get you there.

What are you waiting for!?

I make this stuff so, so, so easy. And fun.


You. You have big dream and goals and you are tired of sitting around, hoping to be inspired.


you want help getting what you want. You read this blog and you like my take on things, and you trust me. You know I get whatever I want, and it’s not just because I’m lucky. I have a system and it works. 🙂


Start with my starter kit – 2 phone sessions, 1 hour each; plus emails and all the goal-setting set-up. We email beforehand and I give you some materials to send back to me, then we plan, scheme, and set you all up. It’s awesome. $150

Phone/email coaching after that – $80/hour (typically split up in 30 minute sessions)

questions? ask!


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