push yourself. 

Do you remember the last time you really pushed yourself?

I’m not talking about getting up at 6A when you are supposed to, calling the client, studying for the test, going to the gym, etc etc…

I’m talking about a serious push. 

A 5A wake up when it’s usually 6.

Calling the client and putting in work for something that isn’t important until next month. 

Studying for the test longer, more intensely, and more thoroughly than you have ever done before. 

Running faster and stronger than you ever imagined. 

Pushing yourself to the really uncomfortable choice, as opposed to just the not-so-fun

When is the last time you tried it?

If the simple not-so-fun is new for you, and feels like plenty for right now, then awesome – keep doing that. 

However – if you are going through the motions and doing what most would call uncomfortable, or “working hard”, but you seem to have plateaued, it time to take it to the next level. 

You know why?

Because that is where the magic is.

It’s magical when the extremely uncomfortable becomes comfortable, and when you are constantly pushing yourself to new heights – that is when you start seeing things truly change, beyond what you could have imagined

Try it. Do it. Let me know. Love you guys. 


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