not enough time.

Sometimes you are just going to overextend yourself.

Sometimes you aren’t going to have enough time.

Sometimes you are going to double-book, not prioritize well, not take the best care of the things that mean the most to you, work early, work late, not call friends, not take breaks, feel “not yourself”, do way too much with way too little time, and wear yourself out.

Assuming this isn’t your life constantly, and you aren’t using this as a distraction from what really might be going on, sometimes…this is just how it’s going to be.

I hate to make it so simple, but it is.

If you want big things, if you want the life you dream of, if you want all the things on your mental or physical list, then sometimes you are going to have to swing way out of balance. You are going to wonder to yourself – how will I sustain this? I can’t even find time to shower, I don’t want to be this person!!!

Don’t worry πŸ™‚ life is all cycles, and you need these busy cycles in order to:

1) illuminate what lifestyle you do and don’t want;

2) get a ton of stuff done so you can ease back in the next cycle and enjoy the fruits of your labor, and;

3) make active decisions and choices to simplify and reorganize your life so that you don’t have to be constantly overextended.

Ask yourself – how can I get the same results that I’m getting now (if you like those results) without being a chicken with my head cut off? The overextension will push you to find a solution – whether it’s paring down, hiring some help, finding more efficient solutions and ways of doing things…

You also need to look at all the things that are overextending you – do you value them all? Are there things you need to cut out of your life, or at least spend less mental energy on? Now is the time to take a good look.

In a perfect world, this whirlwind will be temporary (though it may not feel like it!), and you will look back on this time as a time that you set a ton of great things up for yourself. You know?

Just don’t forget the shower. πŸ™‚


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