We are all afraid.

I’m afraid.

You’re afraid.

Even those people that say they are fearless, fear nothing, and aren’t afraid, guess what?

They’re afraid too!

Maybe not of the same stuff you are, but they are afraid of something.

Of course the biggest fear is failure. We are all afraid of doing something wrong, messing something up, doing something we regret, losing everything, being laughed at, being left behind, making a huge mistake, becoming destitute, taking a chance that could ruin everything, etc etc etc.


All of those things would make us feel like failures. Big, dumb, how-dare-you-try failures.

But guess what?

Who. Cares.

Who. Cares.




No one is watching you. No one cares. Really – in a good way. Everyone is focused on their own career and their own diet and their own troubles and fear and worries. They don’t have time to think about you, and they definitely don’t have time to think about your failures for more than a second in time.

YOU might care, but then again, you probably also care that you are miserable right now/need a change/want to take this chance/feel stuck/don’t want to lose this opportunity/etc. You care to make your life better, and sometimes that takes a little fearful jump, a terrifying leap that could possibly lead to you being destitute – but, then again, who cares?!

And guess what – you won’t become destitute. Promise. It may not turn out perfect, but I can bet you it’s a heck of a lot better than being stuck and stagnant, or being in a holding pattern.

So what do you have to lose besides your pride? Nothing. 🙂


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