when you need help.

whether it’s from a friend, a family member, someone you work with, a mentor, or a professional, help can be hard to ask for.

Especially if you like to do things yourself. But even more if you don’t even know you need the help.

So how do you know if you need it?

Answer (and it’s a technical one, get ready!!):

You just know.

You just know that the situation is too overwhelming; that the project has gotten out of hand; the task is beyond your skill level at the moment; your feelings are too much to be sorted out inside your own head…you just know!

I feel like we all have a sort of 6th sense when things are starting to move to the point of needing an extra set of eyes, ears, or an entire brain. The problem is that, even when we feel it, even when we know, we still might not act on finding the help until things have gone past the point of no return. And I think it’s typically when you are driven, and determined to make things right just by working a little harder/going a little longer/trying just one more thing.

But sometimes, guys – we just need the help.

If you feel like you need it in some place in your life today, ASK for it. Think about the times that someone asked you for help in a field that is easy for you – how good did it feel to help that person out? So let go of your ego and give that gift to someone else.

Help might cost money, pride, time, effort, but I guarantee you it will be well worth it – it will give you a new baseline with whatever you are struggling with, and allow you to focus more on the things that come naturally to you, not to mention you will learn a ton about the subject you sought help on.

So ask. It’s all out there.



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