the magic word, and Happy Holidays.

Happy Holidays! I love you all.

now for the magic word…

I’m reading a great book called Take the Stairs by Rory Vaden – I highly suggest picking it up 🙂 It is all about the one thing that will make all of your biggest wants, dreams, goals, and desires turn into reality.

No, not money. Although this thing will take you to the abundant land of prosperity, if you want…

No, not time. But this thing will also give you plenty of that…

Not a great job, not a passion, not a goal-setting strategy, not a master-mind partner, the perfect romance, being debt-free, finding your perfect city…

Although all of those things are awesome, and absolutely attainable and, in fact, easy, once you master this one magic word



In the book, Rory says some form of the following:

If you master the art of discipline, all of your dreams will come true.

Guys! This is absolutely true – everything you want is just on the other side of leading a disciplined life, in every small moment of every day. Success is all of these little great habits stacking up daily, making you into the kind of person who gets amazing things, has amazing experiences, and lives an amazing life.

As Jim Rohn says, “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” You can make all the goals you want, dream all the dreams you can, and wish for big things, but if you don’t put in the hard work and effort; if you don’t take the stairs instead of the escalator, your dreams will leave you behind.

you know?

How are you going to make 2015 your most disciplined year yet? What goals will you set? What habits will you pick up to make your goals a reality? What do you want to have by New Years Eve next year?

Make a plan NOW. Remember I’m always here to help. I really do love you guys. 🙂



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