“honey, pack your bags…”

I heard a really funny anecdote on a Brian Tracy audio, and I just have to share, in the best way I can remember:

A woman comes bursting through the door and says, “Honey, pack your bags! I just won a million dollars!”

The man is shocked and thrilled, he can’t believe it – “Honey, that’s wonderful! Where are we going? The mountains? An exotic beach?”

She says “I don’t care where you go, just pack your bags!”


Okay, I know it’s kind of cruel, but it made me laugh, and I think it brings up a really important thought…

What would you do differently in your life if you won a million dollars?

Would you quit your job?

Leave your relationship?

Move to another city?

Start pursuing your passion?

Or…would you continue doing exactly what you are currently doing, just with a little more cushion in the bank and opportunity for quicker expansion? (I hope it’s this one!)

Whether we know it or not, so many of us stay in situations out of fear – we call it security, or comfort, or “good enough”, but the reality is that we are scared of failure, hitting bottom, losing everything, what other people are going to think, etc! We forget about the most important piece of the equation –

Our own happiness and fulfillment.

So – chances are, if you won that million dollars, just like that woman in the story, you would make some changes in your life to find that happiness and fulfillment because you wouldn’t be afraid – you would have the money to back you up, the means to take care of yourself, no matter what happened…

But you know what?

Million dollars or not, you should do it anyway.

You will be okay. Hear me? You will be great! Make a plan and go for it – you will figure out the details as you go.

Million dollars or not, find your happiness and fulfillment. Forget the fear. Life is too short not to.


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