I had a bad week.


Let me explain.

More than 1/2 of my to-do list is un-done. !

I worked out less than I should have, cleaned less than I could have, didn’t get as far on a projects as I planned; I slept in past my alarm and stayed up too late, I didn’t make that call or write that email or file those papers – I left things to last minute (ahem, today) and I’m going to pay the price.


I also had the best week.

I bought a version of my dream car, I talked to friends I haven’t talked to in a long time, I finished a book I didn’t plan on finishing, I found a book that I absolutely need to read, I cleaned out my closet of stuff that I have been dying to clean out, and I took lots of walks with my dog.

So! really a bad week? duh. of course not. but if I was obsessed with my goal list beyond what is reasonable, this would have been a failed week. So we get to my point:

sometimes things won’t go as planned. sometimes we will set it all up to get done and NONE of it will. And guess what – as long as it’s not a pattern, it’s O K A Y. We are human, and sometimes (a lot of the time) what isn’t on the list is much more valuable than what is.

you know?

So make the plan and use it as your blueprint, but don’t let it mess with the beautiful spontaneity of life! Use it as a guide and a back up, and always get the hardest stuff done on Monday…

you never know when that dream car might show up 🙂

(love you guys. 2 year anniversary of EYC today – weird, right?!)


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