5 years ago.

I didn’t know anything.

And neither did you.

(Okay we both knew things, but bear with me for the argument’s sake 🙂 )

We have both (hopefully!) learned insane amounts of information about ourselves, other people, and the world.

We have both made mistakes that we will never make again, said what we will never say again, and wore what we will never wear again (yay).

So much has happened in 5 years! When I think back to me at 24, I laugh, cringe, feel sorry for me, and proud of me all at the same time. You might have a similar experience. 🙂

So that person that you are today that you think is so smart, got it all figured out, and is super fashionable? In five years, you will probably be laughing at and proud of him/her in a semi-condescending way.

Moral? Make mistakes, fail, don’t waste time on the silly stuff, have fun, do what you want to do, and don’t take yourself so seriously! In 5 years it won’t be a big deal anyway 🙂

P.S. Speaking of years passing, it’s my birthday in 2 weeks!!! What did you get me?


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