Jim Rohn, on discipline:

“You can get all excited about lifting 200 pounds until you get to the gym

then you need a new excitement.”

Yes. We all know the drill – pumping ourselves up, making plans, dreaming big dreams, writing it all down…

“I am going to DO this!!” you proclaim to yourself and others, in a state of what Jim calls “optimistic panic” 🙂

“Look out world!!!”

And then reality sets in.

You have to wake up early and get on your running shoes when you are beyond exhausted.

You have to bring out your laptop and write when you want to be at dinner with your friends.

You have to eat the salad. You have to get tea instead of coffee when all you want is coffee. Study hard for the test. Not spend the money. Make the calls. Put in the work.

The boring stuff. The tedious stuff. The no-fun stuff. The stuff that happens before you see any result at all – in fact, it might take a long while before you see the result, so the external motivation is almost null.

What happened to “Look out, world!!”? It was replaced by tedium and seemingly fruitless tasks.


It may seem like it. But listen to wise old Jim again:

“Then you need a new excitement.

Get excited about your ability to do the necessary things to get a desired result.”

The excitement for the planning and the outcome has waned, yes, but now you need to replace it with the excitement of doing the disciplines every single day. All the tedious things you do – get excited about those things, and the fact that you actually do them.

Just that fact puts you well ahead of the curve! And guess what – you will get where you are going. You will! But you need to get that new excitement. 🙂

So go get it!!


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