“I hope you are sitting down.”

I was driving on a cross country trip from New Orleans to Los Angeles, caught up in some of my own, in hindsight, not-so-important life drama when I got the text:

“I hope you are sitting down.”

My very best friend in L.A., who I had just seen several weeks prior to celebrate her brand new baby, continued on:

“I had a seizure last night, and I have a brain tumor that they are operating on tomorrow.”

Maybe I don’t have to explain how it feels to get that text. It felt like being thrown into a pool of boiling hot water, then ice water, with your heart contracting and sinking to the bottom of your stomach. The amount of thoughts that go through your head when you read something like that about a person you love – it’s amazing what the human brain is capable of.

Of course every ‘trouble’ I thought I was having faded away. They were not diminished, just sequestered to their rightful priority slot for the time being.

After the operation, I went to see her. When I walked in the room, my friend, being exactly who she is, announced: “I’m here to give you PERSPECTIVE!”

She did. And I carry it every single day. And I want to pass it along to you all!

Things can change so fast. One day a brand new baby, the next a brain tumor. Don’t waste one minute focusing on things that don’t matter, or getting caught up – as long as you are a living, breathing human being with your health, and those around you have their health, you are one lucky person. I’m not saying that what you are dealing with isn’t important or valid, no, but like my friend reminded me:

It’s all about perspective.

Don’t waste days. Don’t throw away time. Tell everyone you love that you love them. Life is a gift – take advantage of it while you have it!

My friend is recovered. It’s not perfect, but she is more than thriving. She has a scar across her head that she puts a braid over, and she smiles bigger than I have ever seen. While lying in bed, post-op, she was looking at all her old pictures and said “I am so beautiful!” That made me cry.

Enjoy your life, guys. Every day, every moment. Who cares what you do, what you didn’t do, what you get, what path you are following or not, just Live. Your. Life.


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9 responses to ““I hope you are sitting down.”

  1. I just thought about something that was so not important and I wasted 30 minutes of my time…then I read your post and I am still trying to find the right words. I will keep her in my prayers and sending lots of good energy to your wonderful and amazing friend. Thank you Laura for sharing and the reminder to just enjoy life! ❤

  2. Wow, I hope your friend is feeling better! she sounds like a fantastic woman, someone who will pull through with shiny colors. I love those friends, they are tough, smart and beautiful and always know what to say. Its rare to have friends like that.. cherish her!

  3. She is very beautiful and her lesson on perspective has touched someone in Canada. Healing energy coming down from the north for your friend and her family. Thanks for sharing that very personal story, Laura.

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