who cares what you did.

The things you didn’t do, the things you said, or didn’t say…

Who you were or weren’t…

The fear you had, the mistakes you made…

Etc! Who cares!

Today is today. Today, and moving forward, you can be a completely different person – you won’t make those mistakes again because you learned from them, you won’t have that fear or do what you did because you learned – you learned!!

That’s what life is here for. That’s why we wake up every day to a new day, that’s why we grow older, and have experiences – we are here to learn and move forward a better person than we were yesterday.

So who cares about your past! Learn from it and, if it doesn’t serve you, forget about it. You are blessed enough to be here today, and you can now be and do whatever you want.

Whatever. You. Want.

Love you all.



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