everyone has a story.

Just like you!

everyone has had an incredibly unique experience, has seen things that you might never see, has had highs and lows, has faced challenge upon challenge, has had wild success and moments of feeling like they are on top of the world.

Everyone has quiet, lonely moments, everyone has dreamed of things that they want in their life, everyone is pushing forward toward something, big or small, every day. We have all been happy, embarrassed, in love, teased, burned dinner, worn the wrong thing, lost our temper, and lost our keys a thousand times.

We are all complex, sensitive human beings – our capacity is so incredible, and we have so many stories to tell.

Remembering this can help you be a much more empathetic, patient, kind person – no matter who is in front of you, no matter how you feel about them, no matter how well you know them or don’t, you can see them for much more than what they are presenting to you.

Try this exercise:

Next time you are in line somewhere, or sitting at lunch, with time to spare, put your phone away and single someone out in the crowd. Observe them and picture what they might do when they get home – what their house looks like, who they live with, what they drive, what they like to eat. Then take cues from what they are wearing, doing, or saying to look deeper into what their experiences might be – are they excitedly talking about a movie they saw, or what their kid did that was so awesome? Picture them in that moment – going to the movie, getting the ticket, finding their seat in anticipation of this movie, laughing throughout the whole thing…or sitting in their living room talking to their kid, proud, excited to tell everyone all about it.

Now picture a moment where that person isn’t having the best day or moment – what might have happened to them that sticks with them today, that is and will always be a piece of who they are?

Go deep with this! It’s fun to get into this world – the world that is not you, the world that, although might be speculation, can start to make you feel more connected to strangers and, in turn, human beings as a whole.

We are all awesome. Tune into that and you can run the world.


4 responses to “everyone has a story.

  1. Love this one Laura, I will have to try your method of people watching, my method is a little different. I look at the homeless woman who is dressed in shabby torn clothes, sitting next to her bike with stuffed animals and barbies glues all over it and wonder ” who’s mom is that?, did she make tuna cassarol for her family?, or maybe she is a millionaire that could care less about what money can bring her and is more happy with her stuffed animals glued all over her bike. Then I try to figure out why she would be more happy the way she is. Or I just make up crazy fun stories about people I see.

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