life costs $.

I’m not just talking about rent, car, food, taxes, gas, and all other the things you were warned about…

I’m talking about the $30 to cancel a check that eventually showed up anyway…

the late fee because your auto-pay wasn’t ever finalized…

the unexpected pricey dinner with friends that you didn’t plan on being so pricey…

the 5th $20 Ikea salad bowl because you keep giving them away when you move; the new can opener because the one you just bought doesn’t work…

parking lots, parking meters…

the 1000th replacement for lost headphones…

checking your bags for $30 and $6 for a 12 ounce bottle of water at the airport…

buying an unlimited month of classes for $100 and only making it to one class…


Accept it.

If you are doing lots of things, taking chances, and getting yourself out there, things are going to come up. Budget for them, pay them, and let. Them. Go.

Those who let them go always get them back. Those who tighten up, get stressed, overthink, and get unreasonably frustrated, don’t.

Don’t be a victim to circumstance, but don’t get caught up in nickel and dime-ing the world – use that mental energy for projects and forays that will give you incredible amounts of fulfillment, incredible amounts of happiness, and make you incredible amounts of money – much more money than you will make spending 30 minutes returning that can opener.




4 responses to “life costs $.

  1. Thanks as always Laura for your reminders. Life moves so fast, I think we get caught up in the little things. Hey, you should make a desk calendar. One of your cool pictures like the one above and then your blog below it, new one for every month. I would buy that calendar!!!

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