new memories.

I spent the better part of yesterday, 4th of July, with my head in the clouds, flashing back to all my 4ths previous.

“remember when you used to go camping with the whole family, or when you were in Australia…remember the million times at the beach, and on the rooftop in New Orleans? Remember…”

to say I’m nostalgic for the past is an understatement. i try not to let it consume me, but holidays always get me going – not even the most significant ones, like Thanksgiving or Christmas, but Halloween, birthdays, 4th of July, etc. I use them as a barometer to see how far life has come, but it is sometimes hard for me to accept that every holiday doesn’t get infinitely better than last year. sometimes it’s better, and sometimes it’s just…different.

last night, on my supposedly uneventful 4th, I jumped in my car to go to the bank, visions of that rooftop, camping, and beaches abound. I sighed as I drove down my quiet street – “I should have made plans.” I kept telling myself.

When I got out on the main road, I saw lines of people on the sidewalks, 10 deep, staring up into the dark. I heard the BOOM before I saw the sky light up, and, soon after, I heard the crowd go wild.

I was one of the only cars driving down this usually-very-busy street since everyone was, well, making memories. I drove slowly and watched the show from my open windows, amazed at the amount of people out with sparklers, flags, family, friends, and iPhones pointed at the sky.

I parked at the bank and got out to watch the rest. It was fun, beautiful, magically unexpected, and different than any other 4th i have ever experienced. It is a night I will never forget.

moral of the long winded story:

don’t discount what life is offering you at this very moment.

I know it’s cliche, but really.

thinking back is great, and planning ahead is exciting, but right now is really it. it’s all you have. I’m not the first one to tell you this and I won’t be the last – but there is a reason for that! it is valuable information.

if you aren’t open to the here and now, you won’t build good memories for your future you. You know?

love you guys.

(picture of the aforementioned rooftop – only because I don’t have a picture of the fireworks!)


4 responses to “new memories.

  1. Working hard to live in the moment. Personally I think its one of the more difficult things to do. I have a tendency to live in the past, you know, the good old days? Daily I have to remind myself to live in the present moment and plan for the future. Sometimes it takes two or three reminders a day! I always feel so much better when I can create a new memory from something that is happening now. Thanks for the push Laura! 🙂

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