all of me.

there is a John Legend song with this title that (of course) makes me cry every time. It is a really beautiful song, and probably, rightfully so, played at every single wedding in the last year. some might find it cheesy, but I find it poignant for a few reasons.

In it, he sings:

give your all to me

I’ll give my all to you

you’re my end and my beginning

even when I lose I’m winning

because I give you all of me

and you give me all of you

(omg. just typing it made me tear up! am I alone in this??)

The reason I love this goes beyond the obvious romance. Read this again:

even when I lose I’m winning

because I give you all of me

Yes. When you give all of yourself in any situation – love, work, friendship, your passions, anything – you cannot lose. You can fail a million times, and it can all go wrong; but if you opened yourself up and gave your full heart and dedication, there are no regrets – even if you lose, you win.

think about the places in your life where you aren’t open – where you do a half-great job, are only partially committed, put up walls, give less than you could – chances are those aren’t your most fulfilling situations. Now think about the opposite – where you give all of your heart and everything are most likely the deepest, most beautiful parts of your life.

cards on the table

we’re both showing hearts

risking it all, though it’s hard

because all of me loves all of you

Put all your cards on the table, show those hearts – yes, the potential loss could hurt so much worse than if you play close to your chest, but!

it’s so worth it.



enjoy the song. I know it’s sappy, don’t judge me. cry if you want.


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