being perfect.

obviously, it’s impossible.


that’s what they always say – so that’s true, right?


I’m not so sure.

of course being the dictionary-defined perfect is impossible. If finding your perfect means not enjoying any present moment, being dissatisfied with yourself and those around you, looking forward only towards this impossible goal of achieving the most flawless, perfect life where everything aligns, that needs to be reexamined.

But! What if being perfect means something else to you? What if it means striving for the very best you can have and be? Doing more than you think you can? Could it push you to wake up early, work harder on yourself, be better to the people around you, give more, live more, love more?

when someone says “I’m not perfect”, it’s an obvious statement, and one usually following a less-than-wonderful choice. We have all said it at least once in our lives, and there is something almost relieving in stating it – like it lets us off the hook for moments where we knew better. But we have to be better than that! Of course we aren’t perfect, but if we are making poor choices, we can certainly work hard to make those choices better. We can be the very best we can be, and not a victim to the known fact that nobody’s perfect.

In theory, where you want to go and what you want in your life should be your own version of perfect – maybe you are living your perfect right now, or maybe just the act of pushing yourself to be better every day is your own perfection. I can say for myself that I love the idea that I can always get better, make others’ lives better, and grow – I know perfection is impossible, but refinement is fun 🙂




One response to “being perfect.

  1. Funny how you always have a topic, for me to respond to or one I needed to hear. So I’m talking to my wonderful mom on the phone and she asks me if I’m excited that you three and the rest of the seminar are coming over. I tell her, that I’m a little worried about my weight. Then I realize (kind of an A-hah) moment, and tell her that, I’m probably the only one who is worried about my weight and the only one who sees myself as… it comes…..fat! Everyone else probably just see’s me as me, and could care less what I look like. So I decided to stop worrying (almost anyway) and just continue to do what I do about it. Eat right and get some exercise!

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