your ideas.

they matter!

they are powerful!

they are unique to you, to your life, to your experiences!

they are specific because of who you are – even if they are similar to other ideas abound, they are infused with the very original sense of you. Don’t be worried about someone taking your ideas, copying you, or any of that silliness – nothing will be like what you come up with, because no one else is you.

your ideas come to you for a reason – I really believe this!! take action on them, and don’t take them lightly – one idea that you have could change your whole life, someone else’s life, the world…if you think it’s awesome, then someone else will.

Take action on an idea today, even if that means just writing it down in your journal. You do keep a journal, right?? 😉



2 responses to “your ideas.

  1. Its time to get back to my journal and write in it. Same thing with goals. Got thrown off track for a few months, now I’m back. Time to revamp some things! Thanks for the reminder. Okay, its true that I got thrown off track for a few months, Hey I messed up and got that job with the county I’ve been trying to get for 7 years. But the other truth, You will be at my home sooner than I realize and I have to have my goals, redone and checked off, just in case you peek, or more like, I’m going to show it to you, need to get busy, cant wait to see you!!!

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