the work shows up.

like everything I write here, this is a concept I lifted from a mentor or major influence on me. today is brought to you by the oh-so-awesome Michael Woolson, and is something I look to and lean on daily:

the work shows up.



if you are putting in your time, the way you should be, it always does. I don’t care if you aren’t seeing any results right now, feel like you are spinning your wheels, like you are falling backwards, or that all your work is for naught –

if you are doing your work, it will show up.

and it’s important that you are doing the right work, of course, but! if you are dedicated to the process and outcome, you will work hard and search every day to find the right work and, in time, the work you put in to finding what the right work is will pay off as well!

you know?

the day I started to trust this concept, I changed my whole life. all it took were a couple instances of watching it work, and I was hooked. How great that all I had to do was focus and work on what I wanted, and not try to muscle the outcome? Giving up control and watching the good stuff happen was monumental for me, and I think you might benefit as well 🙂

Love you. so much.



4 responses to “the work shows up.

  1. As always, good message, Laura…
    You reap what you sow. Plant. Good. Seeds.
    Thanks for writing and thanks for sharing…

  2. Thank you Laura for sharing this with us! Perfect timing for me! life is challenging right now, but I still smile, I still belive and I know I have to keep working because something big is coming 🙂

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