work on it.

if you struggle in some area of your life, it is up to you to work on it.


don’t stand by and hope that time will take care of it, that someone or something will some day inspire you into action, or that you will do it tomorrow – no! You have too much to do and too many fun, fulfilling experiences waiting for you to put this off any longer.

Whatever you are dealing with is not self-contained – it affects every single other aspect of your life, even the things you are sure you get right – so you will lose out on experiences, people, opportunities and adventures if you don’t work on it.

I am well-versed on this losing-out part – we all are!


buy the books, take the classes, go to therapy, talk to someone who gets it right – the benefits of overcoming this struggle are going to be so worth it!

That is, if you don’t want to struggle anymore…which you don’t…right?



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