no worries.

i admit.

this is a hard one for me.

(you guys realize that I write every single post about things that I need to read/be reminded about, right? every. single. post.) 🙂

depending on my head space, worrying is something I can get into. anyone who knows me well knows this. And my worries are less about things like flying in an airplane or taking giant risks (the normal things to worry about) but more about minor decisions, how someone is going to feel, what if I don’t do it right, etc. In high school, my best friend Larissa gave me a beautiful blue small ceramic box for a gift – I thought it was just for decoration until she said, with the perfect mixture of love, kindness, and concern that only your best friend can give, “it’s like a worry jar”. I asked her why ever I would need that?! with that same love, kindness, and concern, she just looked at me.


in any given situation, I could give you a thousand reasons why I could, should, and will be worried about an outcome – it is a form of preparing for any and all possibilities so that i can be ready for anything that comes my way, but it can also be terrible. I have come a million miles from the worrier I once was (of course I still have the worry jar, Lariss!), I am much more laid back about life in general, and capable of taking things in stride.

mostly. (!)

worry can be a good thing – we have all used worry to prepare ourselves better, make better choices in the moment, and more thorough plans for the future. As long as it isn’t excessive, causing unnecessary fear, and it doesn’t paralyze you from moving forward at all, it can be beneficial. however! if you are taking worrying to new heights, remember this simple phrase that I have heard from mom, therapists, friends, and myself a million times over the years:

what’s the worst that could happen?

right? although trite, I love the implication of this phrase, and have used it to create my very own EYC process for worrying:

1) write down your worry.

2) come up with the very worst possible outcome for the worry and write it down, details and all.

3) write down the percentage chance of this actually being the outcome.

4) decide that you would rather live your life to the fullest with the tiny chance of this being the outcome, and press the f*ck it button.

got it?

works for me. and I’m the Queen of the Worry. 🙂

also! this is my 132nd post! did you know I was once worried about starting a blog because I was worried no one would read it, i might run out of things to write about, i might forget about it (?), etc etc etc?! I’m so glad I didn’t listen to the silliness. !


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