i’m just going to say it.

if you aren’t listening to or reading some positive, motivational, inspiring, thought provoking material every day, you are missing out. 


guys, I mean it!

don’t just read and listen when you are feeling down. Or up. Or just when you feel like it – no! If you worked out only every couple of weeks, you would not get the health or results that you wanted. You would not get as strong as you could, and you would have to start over every time – same thing.

Exercise your mind daily, and you will see incredible change – I absolutely guarantee it. I always have one new book on my bedside table, one new audio in my phone, and Jim Rohn constantly ready. If I don’t do one or a little of each every single day, I fall off track – it’s slight, and almost indiscernible, but I can feel it more and more, each day that I falter. And it affects everything else in my life – the way I think, react, respond, make choices, feel about others, feel about my life, everything!

Start with 10 minutes – I guarantee you you won’t want to stop there, but try it 🙂 Listen to something while you are cleaning, folding laundry, driving, etc, to start. Trust!!

I love you guys. I’m fully back to the blog – hope you missed me 🙂


6 responses to “i’m just going to say it.

  1. Glad your back, and as usual you always post what I need to hear. These last two months have slipped away from me, as I started working for the county. I have not worked full time at a paying job in 6 years. So I’ve been thrown off track! No more excuses, time to get back on the improvement train. Thanks for the push!! 🙂

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