big risks, big changes, worries, and fear!

the title says it all!

of course when you risk big and make big changes, you will be scared and worried. I don’t care who you are, how confident you are in the outcome, or how excited you are for the ride, you will feel some of this! no rational human being is above it.

the trick is how you handle the worry and fear – do you let it stop you from moving forward, and paralyze you so you don’t know what to do next? or do you acknowledge it and stand up to it, saying – “Yep. I’m terrified. And I have a thousand worries. This could all go wrong! But guess what? Right now it sounds worth it, and if it doesn’t work out, I will know more than I do today!”

I hope it’s the latter. 🙂 I KNOW it’s that latter – you all are too smart, ambitious, and awesome for it to be anything else.

Sorry so short! I’m in the middle of a risky, scary, worrisome change myself:) More on that later!

Love you all. Take those chances. Life is WAY too short not to, guys! Who cares – no one is watching – have some fun!





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