running partners.

every day at the park, i see couples, friends, and trainer/clients running together, and I can’t help but think and know – one of them is trying to keep up with the other.

they might be on the same fitness level, but for some reason that day/route/pace is causing one of them to, if ever so slightly, try to keep up.

you rarely see running partners where one is lagging seriously behind – if they are running together, there might be a stride or two difference, but for the most part, they are equal. how is this possible?


healthy, wonderful, respectful competition.

and! inspiration.

healthy, wonderful, invigorating inspiration. (!)

the one who is pushing themselves simply can’t be left behind! sure, if the pace was completely out of their league, they might just get defeated and give up, but as long as it is just a nudge from their comfort zone, they are going to push through any physical and mental blocks so as to avoid the possibility of being left in the dust.


do you have a running partner for your life?

someone who pushes you, cheers you on, is an inspiration, looks to you for inspiration, wants you to succeed, is better than you in ways that you strive to be better in, wants you to do well, gets you out of your comfort zone, makes work so much more enjoyable?

if it’s someone you spend most of your day with, even better. And if your day/life isn’t quite there yet, but you have Jim Rohn or the equivalent in your car and your headphones any chance you get during the day, there you go – no excuses.

don’t be the smartest one in the room.

don’t be the one with the best ideas, the most ideas, the greatest drive, and the strongest work ethic – as Jim says “don’t join an easy crowd – you won’t grow.”

don’t be the fastest runner. unless you are Usain Bolt (and his last name is BOLT), you are running with the wrong crowd and inflating your abilities. move on, move up, push, and challenge yourself, my beauties!

love you.

(also! guys! This is my brother. he’s obviously handsome, but also the funniest, most wonderful person in the world. he is my actual running partner when I see him, as well as one of my life-running partners – he is 25 and has an enviable job, a loving relationship, travels, reads, always has new ideas/thoughts/goals, is more mature than I, oh! and he reads EYC regularly!! he really is the best thing to happen to this earth. ❤ you Mikey!)


5 responses to “running partners.

  1. This made my month. Seriously. I love you too! I’m so proud of everything you do – you inspire me (and others) constantly and after every conversation we have, I have a refreshed outlook on life. You are the best!


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