make decisions easier.

(due to blogger-deja vu, i think I have written about this before, but! it bears repeating.)

we all know that person:

when faced with a big decision or life changing choice, they efficiently weigh the options, and make a final decision. They might ask for others’ thoughts or opinions, but only from choice people they trust and those who might be affected by the decision. They don’t wallow in the millions of possible outcomes, or get hyper focused on the details, or the emotionality of being faced with the decision in the first place – nope. They just think clearly about the information presented, and decide.

At times, I can be mostly incredibly jealous of these people. On the outside I commend their decision, while on the inside I’m like – where’s your pages of pro/con lists?! wait, don’t pull the trigger, you will definitely wake up tomorrow with a completely different decision!! did you ask everyone you know yet?? did you cry it out yet?! did you ask Google what he thought?! did you sleep on this for a month night before deciding?! I’m not talking about the run of the mill weighing options, but the excessive obsession with am I doing the right thing? And I can’t stand myself for these thoughts. I feel so wishy-washy, so powerless, and I want so bad to be that person

then i remember – I have been that person! many many times! I have made incredibly hard decisions without overthinking. I have been steadfast in my choices, even if it means giving something else up, without trying to be psychic about exactly how I would feel at every future moment. I have been strong like this! And, upon further inspection, it is clear that I have been this person only when I have had incredible amounts of one thing:

self trust.

not from being in the perfect place in life, no. Not from having the perfect bank account, the perfect job, place to live, relationships, etc – no! One of the most self trusting times I can remember I had almost zero of those things to my name. I am talking about the self trust that comes from following through on what you say you are going to do, each and every day.

the self trust that you build through holding yourself accountable for own life.

the self trust you build through daily discipline, building towards the person you want to become.

when you are doing these things, your internal confidence can outweigh any of your external circumstances, and gives you the power to make decision-making much easier.

If you trust yourself fully, because you prove to yourself every day that you are to be trusted, then why would you need to second-guess your gut on a decision?

you know?

so let’s do this:

wake up when you say you will.

work out when you say you will work out.

call who you say you will call.

get all your work done at work.

run the errands you are supposed to run.

budget what you are supposed to budget.

don’t spend too much time on Facebook, don’t watch too much TV, read the books you want to read, make the plans you want to make, travel where you told everyone you were going to travel, visit who you should visit, etc etc etc!

do the work now so when the big decisions come up, you know exactly who to ask – the only person you can trust more than anyone in this world (besides me) –



love you all. hope you are being brave, fun, and kind because I want to hear about it! (also, pretty sure I should have added #awkward to that challenge because I feel like many of the bravefunkind things can be really really awkward. anyone else??!)



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