30 day challenge! and, after you read the post, I sing for you.


Let’s do something fun! who doesn’t like fun?

I have come up with a 30 day challenge for all of us, starting today – it is what I am calling…

30 Days of Bravery/Fun/Kindness!

It sounds vague, I know, but it’s going to be awesome. Let me explain.

Every day, for the next 30 days, you MUST do something in your day that is either brave, fun, kind, or a combination of any or all of the three – many will overlap!

But I don’t mean little things that you do anyway, like smile at a stranger (kind), get ice cream (fun), or walk to your car late at night, alone (brave – why do we do this? so scary). No! I’m talking bigger than that – this is a challenge, remember?! Par examples:

Brave: confront a friend on something that has been bothering you, tell someone how you really feel, make amends with someone you never thought you would speak to again, don’t just say “good” when someone asks how you are doing, ask for more at work/in your relationship, finally make a plan to move, bring an internal battle to the external, wear something you wouldn’t normally feel comfortable in, start your blog, make a bold move at work, tell someone you love them for the first time, ask him out, etc! Brave, wonderful things that would make yourself 5 years from now very, very proud 🙂

Fun: Go on an impromptu day trip, try a new restaurant, take your girl/guy on an elaborate date, sign up for a dance class, plan a weekend vacation, go bowling, take your dog on a new hike, have a game night with the family, make a mock-music video to your favorite song, etc 🙂 Fun feeds the soul and gives us perspective.

Kindness: Pick up a stranger’s tab, reach out to someone you know is struggling, leave flowers for your mailman, write your boyfriend/girlfriend a love letter, send a gift to your friend in another state, ask how someone’s day is going and really listen to/care about the answer (!), donate time to a charity, donate time anywhere! Kindness to others makes life so much richer.

I want you to go through your day conscious about doing something that falls under one of these categories, and looking for opportunities to sneak one of these in – and you can do more than one each day, of course!  then check in with all of us on Facebook with what you did with the hashtag #brave, #kind, #fun 🙂 I will post there every day to keep you all accountable!

guys, I’m excited! The goal is to get us out of our every day routines, to shake things up – all it takes is a tiny bit of daily change to make monumental shifts – I will be very curious where all of us that follow through are in 30 days!

Okay! so don’t think I forgot about singing to you 🙂

Below is my Day 1 #brave moment! I have been singing since I was about 10, and in my late teens I wanted to be a famous country/folk singer as much as anything else in this world. I played gigs, did recordings, and wrote songs with awesome musicians. In the last handful of years, for a variety of reasons (including the fact that so many other great things came into my life) music really got pushed to the back burner. I still hold the dream of becoming a famous country/folk musician/songwriter someday, and you all know how we do! We get dreams. 🙂

one thing that you must know is that this is incredibly, edible-y hard video for me to post. it was hard to send to my close friends, let alone put it up here! no, not because of my early morning bed-head, no makeup, and subpar guitar skills (although those all factor in :)), but more because, after such a long hiatus of playing out, anywhere, I am extremely shy, unsure and guarded. BUT! I don’t want to be shy, unsure and guarded, and I want to be a good example for all of you, in the name of…


enjoy. love you all. check in. 🙂



7 responses to “30 day challenge! and, after you read the post, I sing for you.

  1. L-Mo- This is amaze! So proud you posted. Your voice is original and beautiful. Miss ya sista!- Btall

  2. Laura!! You are so adorable, amazing & what a beautiful voice! Had no idea…love love! Thanks for sharing, you inspire me to get over my fears of getting front of the camera 😉

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