30 days left.

what if this was your reality?

i thought that when I woke up this morning – for some reason, the thought just happened:

what if 30 days was all you had? what would you do today?

for some people, this is their reality. but I really don’t mean this to be morbid or dark – sometimes these moments of major perspective compel me to take major action. and major action is what we eatyourcakers are all about, yes? yes. 🙂 SO.

30 days.

what would you do in the next 30 days? what projects would you push forward, what projects would you stop working on? What would you start, what would you finish, who would you see, who would you help, where would you go?

Think beyond just writing letters to everyone you know (although that’s awesome) and spending every minute with your family (also beyond awesome) – we are going to focus this one a little more on things that you want to do that you have been holding off on because of fear, insecurity, etc. Think more about the gifts that you haven’t shared with the world, the things you have procrastinated on that you want so much to see come to fruition, the life you have been waiting to live…

any ideas? write them down today.

I think we can get so caught up in the idea of time – we all feel like we don’t have enough of it day by day, but then another part of us feels like it is endless. We put things off and live in the dress rehearsal for too long, waiting for the magic moment to come along and make it okay for us to really pursue our dreams. But we can’t do that!! No more! I’m putting the brakes on it, for all of us!

I feel something strongly about this today – should we make it a challenge? I am up for it. A little apprehensive, but up for it. I could do a post each day, and we could hold each other accountable and post updates on the Facebook page?


I love you guys.



4 responses to “30 days left.

  1. Hmmm not sure if that worked, but its made by Soul Pancake and it’s called Last Days, and it’s a web series about LIVING… but each episode is about someone who only has a limited time left. It really brings up what you talk about here in a visceral, inspiring way.

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