girls who like girls.

relax. not like that.

not like that is a problem! it’s all good to me. but this post is focusing more on the friendship/girl power side of things. 🙂

So! most of you readers are female – I definitely have some male readers (and they are ALL wonderful and incredibly handsome!), but today’s post is tailored more toward the girls. Guys, I’m sure you can apply most, if not all, of this in some way as well! Okay. Ready? this is a subject very close to my heart.

ladies. let’s keep this simple:

love and support other girls.

no judging.

no cattiness.

no comparing.

no gossiping.

no flirting with other girls’ dudes.

no jealousy.

no name calling.

no hating on Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, any Real Housewife, or anyone else who you don’t know and is an easy target.

no divide and conquer.

no saying stupid shit about how someone dresses (or doesn’t).

no hoping for failure/forced humility.

no cliques.

no laughing when a snotty girl trips in her heels.

NONE OF IT. got it?

girls, we are all in this together. We have all been broken up with, made fun of, been insecure about our bodies, tripped in heels, had gross guys leer at us before we knew what to do or say, been cheated on, said stupid things, cried alone in our rooms, cried in our cars, gained weight, lost weight, been WAY too emotional, flirted when we shouldn’t have, gossiped, been cliquey, catty, jealous, in love with boys that don’t know we exist, felt embarrassed, ashamed, discriminated against, judged, lonely, and lost.

yes, lost. Every single girl you have met and will ever meet has been at some point, or maybe is currently, lost, and it is up to YOU, as a member of the girl-clan, to help lift them up and find their way again. And if they are in a great space right now, it is up to you to support and celebrate them.

be a girl’s girl. not an irrational feminist or a man-hater – men are wonderful. But a girl’s girl. Love girls, support them, lift them up, be insanely happy for them, ask them how they did it, listen to them, be proud of them!

and please, for the love of everything, don’t say something along the lines of “I don’t really have/need girl-friends/I get along with guys WAY better/girls don’t like me” UGH. You do need them, you could get along with them just as much as you do guys if you would stop judging them, and they would like you better if you weren’t being so elitist about it. You know?? 🙂

I love meeting women who aren’t intimidated by other women and treat them like friends, not competitors. It’s strong, sexy, confident, feminine, and is just a more cool, fun place to operate from. i strive every day to be more like the women I have met and know that are strong examples of that.

SO. celebrate the girls in your life. smile at girls you don’t know. get to know your best friend’s girlfriend. have respect for famous girls taking risks, no matter how much you do or don’t approve. we have come a long way, and there is no reason to take steps back now!



love you guys. below are the main girls in my life 🙂


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