it gets better.

Last week I learned that a high school friend of mine committed suicide. I was so shocked and confused, and this deep pit in my stomach just got deeper and deeper – what if he had waited one more day? I kept thinking. What if someone had come along the very next day and promised him –

it gets better.

because it does.

This phrase really hit home for me during the popular LGBT youth campaign – I always found it to be such a simple, beautiful, universal message.

Because it does.

It absolutely gets better.

if you are down today, tomorrow might look completely different. Next week, month, year – things will change. You won’t be the person you are today, you will have different perspective, different life experiences, new information, new circumstances, different choices. We have the power to move forward, combining our own forces with time, to create a new future for ourselves.

And if we don’t feel like doing that today, tomorrow we might. or the next day, or the next…

I wish I could have been there for my long lost friend. I wish so bad I could have been that person to let him know. I so much wish I could have told myself this a thousand times in the past – all the poignant times in heartbreak, loneliness, loss, limbo – I wish I could have had it tattooed on my forehead so when I looked in the mirror, I was reminded:

It gets better.

Because it did. Of course.

But since I can’t go back in time, because i wasn’t there for this friend, I can type it right here, and hope that maybe one of you absolutely needs to hear this today.

you know?

I love you guys SO MUCH. If you are reading, know that you have contributed to a big part of it getting better for this girl, and all i want to do is the same for you. seriously – I will keep writing until you tell me to stop.

(please don’t) 🙂




2 responses to “it gets better.

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend Laura, but thanks for sharing the message with us, as you are right. We all need to be reminded the it does get better. Lots of Love Trina

    Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2014 20:48:30 +0000 To:

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