live a driven life.

not a work-all-day-have-time-for-nothing-else life…

not a type-A, no-fun life…

not a hard-to-relate-to-anyone-unless-they-have-similar-goals life…

a driven life!

driven is fun. driven is sexy. driven is spontaneous, successful, and risk-taking; hard-working when it needs to be, hard-playing when it needs to be. Driven doesn’t always start life at 4A and end it at midnight – driven trusts itself to know what needs to be done, and does it efficiently and well, no matter what time it takes.

driven finishes everything started, ties up all loose ends, isn’t flaky, has great boundaries and clear sights for the future.

driven has a steadfast early morning regimen that changes with the times – sometimes it starts with reading, or writing; sometimes a workout, or 30 minutes of quiet tea-time to mentally prepare for the day. no matter what it is, driven knows what is going to be done long before she wakes up.

oh, and driven rarely starts the day with leisurely, non-work-related, unproductive Facebooking, mindless news, or procrastination-enabling web surfing. at least I don’t think so (you make the call! 🙂 )

driven doesn’t drink too much coffee or eat sugar/carbohydrates first thing – how would driven survive and thrive on this important day dealing with blood sugar spikes and fatigue? driven has no time for that silliness.

driven has a mental or physical checklist for the day – the big things that need to get done, the small things that need to get done. driven doesn’t judge those things, find a way to get out of doing them, or procrastinate – driven does the things it needs to do because driven has bigger designs on the world and life. driven knows that doing what she needs to do will teach her endlessly, and lead her further on the path that she is thrilled about.

and! if Driven isn’t thrilled about the path he’s on, you can bet driven spends today, this very moment, plotting, planning, and scheming a brand new path that excites and drives him further. driven doesn’t ever get discouraged – when things aren’t great, driven uses that knowledge as fuel and becomes even more unstoppable than before!

and no one, not a single person in driven‘s life, believed that driven could get any more unstoppable. Because driven is a total. f*&king. badass.

driven is kind and cares about everyone – driven has no time for comparison, jealousy, competition, or wishing anyone ill. Driven is too secure, proud of her current life choices, and excited about her journey to have time for that. Driven eats the right amount of the right food, no drugs, no excessive alcohol. Driven doesn’t ever involve himself in petty arguments or trouble himself with the small things – driven has zero time for drama. Driven lifts people up, lets things roll off his back, doesn’t get caught up, and doesn’t let anything ruin his whole day because, you guessed it! Driven doesn’t have time for any of it.

Driven’s life is too exciting.

Driven has had non-driven days, weeks, months and forgives himself for them. He is always learning.

Driven makes lots of time for fun, friends, and silly, mindless non goal-oriented activities. Driven doesn’t worry that she will get behind forever, or never reach her goals – driven is confident, and trusts and knows herself.

and driven knows there is no value in a driven life if there is nothing and no one along for the ride. !

Driven ends his day happy and satisfied, having learned from and experienced an incredible day. Driven can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and do it again, one step closer to everything driven wants.

but! more importantly than what driven wants or achieves is how he feels about himself, each and every day, by living a disciplined and exciting life to the fullest. driven’s high self esteem doesn’t come from accomplishments, but from the choices that he makes every day to honor himself and those in his life.

you know?? 🙂

guys! Driven is awesome. it’s what we all should aim to be – don’t you think? The life explained above doesn’t sound so bad, right?

it doesn’t matter what you are driven towards at all. Just drive!! (i will be behind you, preferably in the car below)

*Also! Yes! I was influenced by and I love the book War of Art – Steven Pressfield tells stories of non-living traits in that book better than I ever could – it is one of my favorites, so please PLEASE pick it up!!



3 responses to “live a driven life.

  1. Whoohoo! what a great way to keep my day going! I’ve got you in the rear view mirror of my ….. V30 Volvo!! And the War of Art is on my book to read next!

  2. Hey Laura! Thanks for getting me to open up the War of Art! It has been kicking around here and now it is kicking me in the butt to get moving! Just Do It! Everyday, “same Bat Channel, same Bat Time!” (Batman TV show!)
    XXO thanks!! Love you to pieces!!

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