your next year.

will it look the same as this year?

on this day in 2014, will you be dressing the same, making the same money, working the same amount of hours at the same job, thinking the same thoughts, feeling the same about yourself and your future?

I hope not.

even if this year was amazing, and even if all of the things above are spot on where you want them, you must grow! Improve, change, evolve – whatever you want to call it – in order to move forward towards bigger and better things.

because bigger and better things create more value, and more value affects more people. And, if I may be so bold – affecting people, giving to others, enriching other’s lives with all of the goodness that you have worked so hard to discover and share – that is the ultimate gift of the human experience.



what do you want next year to look like? how much better will you be at things, what parts of your life will be easier, what seemingly-impossible challenges will you have overcome with grace? what will you do and have that you don’t today? Have you set goals for all of these things?

I have 🙂 and in an upcoming post, I will share step-by-step how I do it, in case you want the help.

But! until then – take an afternoon and write down what you would like it to look like one year from today. Every detail – have fun with it – then, together, we will get to the nuts and bolts of how to get you there!

Happy Saturday, eyc’ers. You know how I feel about you 😉



4 responses to “your next year.

  1. Thank you! I am already 20 pounds lighter! And setting my sights on knocking off another 20!! I look forward to your next post with instructions!! XXO Sarah

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