we all know what casual Friday implies – dressing a little less than your best.

we all know what casually dating suggests – not fully committed.

we know a casual restaurant is not where you typically meet for a momentous dinner; a casual observer isn’t completely invested; a casual employee is temporary; and a casual remark is hardly thought out.

So! casual creates less then your best, uncommitted, unceremonious, uninvested, temporary, without serious thought? this brings us to a seriously easy conclusion:

don’t. be. casual.

Jim Rohn says it best:

“Casualness leads to casualties.”

Guys, this is so true.

When I’m casual in setting a goal, I don’t achieve that goal. Simple. You can’t be casual in it and expect to get what you want – you have to think, plan, set deadlines, write everything down, and work every day to chip away at the roadblocks in your way. If not, you and your dreams will become a casualty of every day distractions, and every day life.

trust me.

You can’t be casual in your relationships – you have to communicate, say what you feel, love fully, and open yourself up, or you will become a casualty of time and circumstance, leaving you behind. You can’t be casual in working, spending your money, spending your time, eating, dressing, cleaning –

you will be left behind.

trust me!*

*(in case the implication isn’t clear by my bold, italic warning, I KNOW THIS FIRST HAND.) 🙂

of course there is a time and place to be casual, but it’s important that it’s not our default way of life. we eatyourcakers do things with purpose – we are deliberate, and don’t do things half way. We jump all the way in, unless we don’t want to – then we are 100% disengaged! We do this because we take each day as a blessing, and don’t want to waste any time – we commit to everything we do and say fully – we are those people.

am i right? 🙂

love you guys. today is Friday – another day closer to everything you want!



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