find a way to laugh about it.

when it’s hard, painful, sad, and challenging – you need to find a way.

when you’re hopeless and lost – you need to find a way.

when you feel like there is no way out, and that you are as low as you have ever been – you absolutely, without a doubt, need to find a way.

for perspective and your health, you just need to.

my Dad is the best at this – one year ago, he spent the Christmas holiday in the hospital battling cancer. it was serious, and real, and we were all naturally scared, confused, and helpless. And in all that, my Dad’s favorite thing was still to bring up the amount of gifts this was going to bring him. When he was finally back home, and on the mend, he would bring up his condition, complete with a sigh of feigned frailty, when he had chores or other menial tasks. It was hilarious.

His being sick was not funny. The reality of the situation and the fear was not funny. But my dad chose to laugh instead of keep everything dark – the circumstances were the same, either way, and he chose the way he wanted things to go down. (He’s doing well, by the way 🙂

A friend of mine has breast cancer, and in her Facebook pictures amidst hospital treatments, she has a huge smile, posts funny anecdotes, and hashtags #boobs. Her situation is not funny, but she has found a way to find lightness.

She is 29, by the way – how’s that for perspective!

Please know I’m not saying that everything should be funny. life can be sad, unfair, unjust, and far from funny. However! I think it is up to us to find the lightness, and focus on keeping ourselves in tact in the middle of situations and circumstances that could very well be our undoing.

I am getting better at this, but it’s hard for me. As much as I love comedy, and to laugh, I can get incredibly caught up in my own small, dark world, unable to see anything but the sadness and shadows looming over the future. Sometimes I just need perspective (see above), but it is my goal to be able to access that from moment to moment instead of meltdown to meltdown.

you know?

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