this post isn’t about being thankful.

although, obviously, it is extremely important to be thankful, and today should be a day that you reflect on the things you are grateful for, and surround yourself with some love – whether that means a 30 minute phone call to a great friend, or a giant feast with your 50 closest family members. Obviously, the argument that every day can be treated this way is true, but I’m a big fan of holidays for the unchanging yearly milestone – instead of “remember that time last year that we all got together and had so much fun?” it’s “remember exactly one year ago today, where we were/who I was/what we were doing, etc…” – it’s the best. Holidays, including birthdays, make progress-measurement so much more, well, measurable. And I love it.

But enough about that! I told you this was about something else, so, quickly (I am on soup and sweet potato duty today), here we go:

Every day, I wake up to a quote on my wall coined by (who else?) Jim Rohn. It says:

“Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion.”

my favorite.

Make goals, write down the life you want, get excited about dreams ahead – think about them, scheme, dream, picture them, know they are going to happen, wake up every day excited about them, but…!

don’t stop there.

you can’t just get excited about your dreams, you have to get excited about the disciplines and habits that will get you there. These disciplines and habits, the trade-offs and compromises, the pain and frustrations – it all needs to excite you just as much as the goals and dreams, because, without them, the goals and dreams won’t happen.

you know? harsh, but true. they won’t happen!

So sometime this week, write down several of your biggest goals, and then write down 5-10 possibly-uncomfortable disciplines/truths/trade-offs that will have to accompany each of those. Then find some twisted way to get excited about them 🙂 My favorite way to do this is to practice saying them out loud, in a kind of self-satisfied way that would make people hate me, as if I already do them. Like:

“I rarely eat sugar.” (smug smile)

And that feels good! I know that rarely eating sugar will be extremely difficult, and something that will cause me many moments of (minor) pain and compromise, but if I am adamant of my dream of being able to think clearly all day, without getting tired, then this discipline is something that needs to occur. it’s that simple. And saying it out loud as if it has already been done gets me excited and works for me – but you need to find what works for you 🙂

I love you guys. And I am unbelievably thankful for all of you that take the time to read these posts. my goal is for the eatyourcake family to be an unstoppable, growing group of awesome people that know and love each other – we can have get togethers, Skype dates, retreats, a Facebook page, t-shirts…what else?? let’s do this, guys!!




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