taking it for granted.

i am injured.

seriously. I pulled/strained a muscle in my leg last week while running, and, at the moment, it hurts.

it hurts to walk, drive, shower, get in and out of my car, walk up stairs, down stairs (omg), stand up from a sitting position, etc. etc. etc! I have spent over a week hobbling around my now-limited life, unable to set my left foot on the ground.

i can’t run. I can’t do yoga. I can’t walk my dog. the physical essentials to my well-being are simply not allowed. (!)

I have to say, my sweet friends, that I have been, at times, very frustrated. I feel like a prisoner – the only thing I want to do is strap up my tennis shoes and run until I feel like I’m going to die. I actually dream about running and moving at lightning speed,  exerting so much energy that my heart feels like it’s going to beat out of my chest, like I can’t get enough oxygen, like my muscles and lungs are going to burn right up –

the same feeling that, when I’m perfectly healthy, I’m not always thrilled about.

and I can’t wait to not be thrilled about it again. I can’t wait to “have” to go out in the cold to run, to feel sore, tired, to wish I was doing something else, to have the option to stay in or hit the track – because I will absolutely hit the track.

now. i know that, in the scheme of things, my pulled muscle is a zero-problem in comparison to what others are dealing with. In a week or two, this pain will go away, and I will be back to it. I am very aware that, for many, that’s not the case and, for that, I feel a little stupid confessing to you all my petty frustrations. However! The lesson has been so clear and so huge to me that I need to write and share it with all of you. I know it’s a concept that everyone knows about, but it bears constant repeating:

I know you don’t feel like it, but get out and exercise today.

I know you don’t have a lot of time, but call your best friend today.

I know it’s hard to find days off, but plan a trip to see your family today.

I know it’s hard after a long day, but start reading that book that will change your life today.

Cook for your girlfriend, tell your husband you love him more than you ever thought possible, book a vacation, start that project, send that letter, write that short story, make that movie – do the things that you have been putting off, that take a little extra effort, or that you might not be thrilled to do. Don’t take health, life, loves, capability, talent, and other things for granted, my friends, because…

they won’t always be there.

you know?

widely-respected concept, not so widely-implemented. Be an implementer today 🙂

love you guys.



5 responses to “taking it for granted.

  1. I’m sorry your not well, I can imagine someone of your talent feeling locked up when you cant move around, very, very frustrating. Taking your advice, the dogs and I are going out walking. this has turned into a fun habit….one dog is 9 years old and has slowed down a lot. the other is 9 months old and i usually power walk her, the two together is an interesting combo. Fast slow, fast slow off on our walk we go!

  2. I am strong! I am healthy! I am going to run until I run out of air for you! Sending you healing rainbow lights filled with Love!!
    XXO Sarah

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