don’t get me wrong.

sometimes it’s really, really hard.

I write about the great stuff, because there is SO MUCH great stuff. I write about the possibility because there is SO MUCH possibility. I write about it because sometimes we can go a while without hearing about it, and it’s important that we all are reminded, every day, just how good we have it, and how much power we hold in our hot little hands.




it’s really, really, really hard.

loss, sadness, emptiness, regret, betrayal, jealousy, pain, anger, hurt, sickness, mistakes, devastation. don’t get me wrong, they are alive and well, and when they are directly affecting you, it’s a big deal.

and it’s really really hard.

so don’t get me wrong. don’t read this blog and think I don’t know. don’t read only when you are feeling great, only when you are in the mood to feel good, only when you don’t have other stuff going on, no – read this, and everything else positive in your life, when things aren’t going well. When you are devastated. When you have made a mistake. When you feel like you are going to die of a broken heart. Because, guess what?

When the bad stuff is going on, the good still exists. it doesn’t go away just because you are having trouble, just because you aren’t clearly seeing it – it is patiently waiting in the wings, doing its thing, preparing to see you again – it can’t wait until you are ready 🙂

You know?

Love you guys.



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