73 pounds.

my friend Katie is a beautiful, talented, spirited, hilarious, strong, sensitive, kind actress – we met working on a TV show a while back and I have always said the greatest thing I got out of that awesome experience was the opportunity to have her in my life. She’s amazing.

she also just lost 73 pounds. IN. ONE. YEAR.

She didn’t starve herself and do it in a month. She didn’t hole up in her apartment and drink cayenne pepper lemonade for 60 days, exercise 6 hours a day, and have no life just so she could quickly post After pictures. She didn’t crash, teeter on the edge, or go insane.

Oh no.

My girl Katie spent 365 days making one awesome choice after another, taking little steps every day, brushing off any setbacks, not for one second complaining, poor-me-ing, or lamenting how hard this journey was. In fact, she worked at a PIE SHOP – when I asked her what her favorite flavor was, she shrugged, nonchalant, and said “I don’t eat them.”


That’s a girl that loses 73 pounds in one year. That’s a girl who can’t wait to wake up in the morning, who is having more and more success in her career, and is studying to become a Pilates instructor. That girl, shrugging off pie and posting daily pictures of Runyon hikes on Instagram, is the girl who deserves everything she ever dreamed of – and, trust me, she will get it. !

Little choices, every day, make big dents in your world. Choices lead to choices, build your confidence, give you information, and get you closer to what you want and the person you want to be – one step at a time. You don’t need a huge overhaul to change your life significantly – just pick what you want, and, tomorrow, make one small step.

in one week, you will feel a shift. in one month you will feel like a new person. and in one year, you, too, will be a beast like Katie. 🙂

(Katie is an OG eatyourcaker, so post a comment if you want to congratulate her. Her eyes will shine, she will smile ear-to-ear and go “Awwww!” trust me 🙂 )

❤ you Kates.



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