this beautiful name might not mean anything to you guys at this moment, but by the end of this post, it should and will. 🙂

I am dedicating this 95th post completely to this awesome, kind, wonderful person who, with her unbridled encouragement and enthusiasm, might be solely responsible for me even making it to post #95. !

Not to be dramatic, or to say that I wouldn’t have found a reason to keep on, but Linnea was the one who turned my thoughts from “I’m just going to write a blog for myself, for fun” to “wow – someone actually is actually affected by/reads/looks forward to these posts!”. I know what I want to share is valuable, but sometimes it hard to see who it could be valuable to and who would read it besides yourself and your mom/boyfriend/dogs.

but Linnea took the time to find it valuable. and she told me so. And she re-posted my posts on her Facebook page – she was the one who first pushed a post to be read more than 5 times (1-me, 2-bf, 3-mom, 4-Linnea, 5-me again. lame dogs can’t read!) – it was a magical day for me to check my WordPress stats, and it was all because of that girl. 🙂

who, by the way, is Swedish, lives in the UK, and is someone i have never, ever met.


She is kind, funny, smart, generous, driven, forever searching, studying, lighthearted, and curious – basically how i pictured the ideal eatyourcaker 🙂 I felt so blessed that she had stumbled across these words, and that she liked them.

I’m not just writing this to celebrate her – although I obviously want to do that – but I also want to get you guys thinking about special people in your life, like Linnea, who have made a huge impact on you. We all have a few of them, and maybe we haven’t told them what and how they have affected our lives, but today – let’s do it.  Why not.

i’m sure someone popped to mind. and i’m sure you have a way to Facebook/email/text/Insta/Vine/MySpace/call/tweet them to let them know how you feel, right? So ready, go! It feels good to get reached out to, and it feels great to reach out.

and let me know how it goes! i love you guys. and i LOVE YOU Linnea!!

(also, SHE DREW THIS PICTURE. talent.)


5 responses to “linnea.

  1. I love your article! Although I am more than partial as I am the proud mother of Linnéa… Besides dog training, she has also become passionate about personal development (well actually the two are closely entwined). This has rubbed off on me, as well as on other members of the family and I have discovered your genial and very wise little blog though her. Keep up the good work! It’s a pleasure to read your posts!

    • Charlotte!! Thank you for being such a wonderful mom – without you, the world wouldn’t get to enjoy Miss Linnea. Thank you so much for your kind words, and for reading the blog – I cannot tell you how much it means to me. Just like I do your daughter, I look forward to meeting you one day!!

      • I would love that! Linnéa made me read The Slight Edge recently, and I find much of that in your blog – so I wasn’t surprised when I sa that you mention the book. I will check out the other litterature that you mention as well.

  2. Hi! I’m also from Sweden and I just wanna tell you that thanks to Linnéa I’m sitting here in the middle of the night and reading your blogposts (even though I read them all before). I thought I would let you know.. 😛
    / My Jonsson

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