ask. (part two)

I have a previous post with the title Ask, but it is so important, it just needs a part 2. 🙂

in part one, I discussed asking for what you want, even if the answer might be No – no harm in it, and no better information than a definitive, good or bad! but today I want to offer  this:

ask how they do it.

do you know someone who has a skill that you want? take them to lunch and ask them all about it. Make it 60 minutes. Have questions prepared and take notes.

did you meet someone who has the life you dream of? take them to lunch and ask them how they got there. 60 minutes, questions prepped. take notes.

do you have a friend who knows how to deal with situations that you are terrible at dealing with? take him to lunch and ask him his secrets. 60 minutes, questions, take notes.

everything you want in this life exists in other people’s lives currently – find those people, take them to a fancy lunch, and take. lots. of. notes.


But they would never go to lunch with me! Yes they will, and they will be flattered, especially if you are transparent on why you want to take them.

But they will think it’s weird! no they won’t. If they are as great as you say they are, they have done the same thing to someone else, in some way – trust me.

But I don’t know anyone who has the things that I want! Well, then, you have a much bigger problem than a lunch date! Find those people, and work tirelessly to make them part of your circle – don’t be the smartest, most driven one in your world. As wise Uncle Jim says – “don’t join an easy crowd.”


Ask, guys. no one is watching. Get what you need to help you make your life as full, perfect, and wonderful as it can be. Give back by doing your work and taking what people have to offer you to the fullest – the best return gift for 60 minutes of their time is becoming successful by the wisdom of these awesome mentors.

Make sense? Get out there please. XO. 🙂



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