how bad do you want it?

enough to wake up one hour earlier?

enough to stay in on friday nights?

to take people out to lunch that do what you want to do?

to ask for help?

enough to say no? to say yes?

to work on that side project before and after work?

enough to cut out that extra thing you buy?

to work out a little harder?

enough to stay up late?

to do the reading? listen to the audio?

to put yourself out there?

enough to say things that are hard for you to say?

to fail, fail, and, oh yes, fail again?



don’t talk about how bad you want it and fail to do the things that lead you to it. guys, that just doesn’t make sense!

love you all. 70 views the other day – just sayin’.  🙂 Trying to get to 100 by 12/31/13 – let’s do this!



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