you will be fine.

you will make a mistake.

you will get it wrong.

you will forget to do something, say the wrong thing, go left when you obviously should have gone right, mess up, stay too long, leave too early, spend too much, spend too little, and waste way too much time. You are going to think you are so right when you are so, oh-so, very very wrong.

but you will be fine. (!)

why? because you are fine now, and you have done all of the above. Multiple times. And, of course, there have been and will be consequences, but nothing you can’t move through and learn from. you just can’t get too far off course if you keep in mind the following:

1) Work really hard.

2) Take big risks.

3) Be kind, warm, and caring towards others.

right? so get out there and mess up in the very best way you know how!!

also, I guess i don’t really need to remind you of this, but life is way too short to play it safe.




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  1. Love this! Love, Mom On Aug 7, 2013, at 7:52 AM, eat your cake and count your chickens. wrote:

    > >

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