i’m just sayin’.

In October 2012, I thought – “Hmm, wouldn’t it be fun to write a blog about what thrills me every day?”

last night I wrote my 85th post.

On January 1, 2013, I wrote in my 2013 goals journal (something you should all have) “Get 100 visitors to EYCACYC each day :)”

today (only in July!) I had 30 readers. (almost 1/3) (thanks to some of you re-posting on Facebook – I wish I could see who is doing it so I could give you the biggest cyber-hugs!!! but I can’t, so cyber-hugs for ALL!!)

So! if you take nothing else from this blog or anything else you ever read about getting what you want in this wonderful life, take this:

Have thought –> Set goal –> Take action –> Achieve goal –> Build confidence that you can’t cheat the Universe and the Universe can’t cheat you –> Have more thoughts –> Set more and more goals –> Take more and more action –> Rinse, Repeat.

and it is never, ever too late to start.







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