choose to choose.

every day we make a million choices.

say this, say that.

eat this, eat that.

do it, don’t do it.

go, stay.

talk bad about someone, keep your mouth closed.

do your work, procrastinate.

work out, watch TV.

be assertive, be passive.




and every day we have a million habits! Habits are much easier on us than choices. Maybe not as exciting, but easier. Non-negotiable.

I was going to write a big long paragraph right now about habits and choices but i honestly got bored reading it back to myself. 🙂 So I’ll save that for another day and say this:

Make good choices today in order to make good choices much easier tomorrow.

you know?

the good choices will get easier to make the more you make them. SO!  as painful and annoying as they may be, start choosing wisely today and take note of tomorrow – I bet you it’s easier! Then take note of the next day, and the next day, and the next day…! Soon that thing that was SO hard to do will be SO NOT hard to do, and  – boom! –

A good choice has now become a good habit*.  

*Again, habits are much easier. 🙂

Love you all.

(Hercules has made a daily choice to look stunning. now it’s habit.)




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