remind yourself.

(that’s the reminder!)

we have a million competing thoughts every day. we can sometimes barely remember the big stuff, so how are we supposed to recall the life-changing revelation we swore we would never let ourselves forget??

write it down. hang it up. remind yourself.

if you have goals, write them down and hang them on your wall.

if you had a thought you know would change your life, write it down and hang it on your wall.

if you have feelings/values/virtues that you want to think of and practice every day, write them down and hang them on your wall.

if you want to do something every day, buy a calendar with big boxes and a red pen to make big X’s and, yep, you guessed it! hang it on your wall!

pictures that evoke emotions or memories you don’t want to forget? Hang them.

images that remind you of where you are headed and what you want? Hang them.

quotes that actually motivate you? Hang them.

phrases that no one else gets but that mean something monumental to you? Hang them.

Notes-to-future-self? Hang. Them. !

i know it’s not the most chic decor, but I promise you, it will change your every morning and every night to stare at those things/pictures/words/stories that make you feel like the person that you want to be. There is nothing more exciting and motivating than to have your dreams and very best thoughts staring you right in the face. 🙂

to demonstrate, below is just a small piece of what I call my “Beautiful Mind” wall in my bedroom. (remember that movie? he was brilliant. but insane. And had a room full of scraps of paper that made no sense. I think the similarities are clear.)



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