something you can’t stop doing.

something that makes the time disappear – literally.

something that gives you butterflies in your stomach knowing you get to do it after work.

something that makes you feel invincible and unstoppably creative.

something that, every time you do it, you say – “man, I wish I had 1000 hours in the day!”

something you can’t stop talking about.

something you can’t stop thinking about.

something that your friends are semi-annoyed with reading status updates about.

find that something

and make money doing it.

“but!!! I can’t make money ________ ?!?”

yes you can. someone else is. so, yes – you can!

doesn’t mean quit your day job right now, but simply find that something and find the ways (the million ways!) you could make a full time gig out of it (and soon an insanely-successful, insanely-lucrative, part-time gig out of it – but we will worry about that down the line). Write all of those ways down, go crazy with it, and then…


easy as that!

and, YES, you have time. you have time to start and you have time to put a little effort into it every day, and you have all the time in the world to make it successful, no matter how old you are. and NO, there are not too many people out there doing the same thing. don’t give me that, I know you – I AM you! 🙂

Get going, please!! it’s time for you to get on that path of unreasonably fulfilled and happy. it would mean a lot to me. dig?




2 responses to “something you can’t stop doing.

  1. Laura, love this. I did it before your blog but after your train the trainers!!!!! Everyone should read this blog. I read every one yo have put up.

    • Wow, Sue, this is such a wonderful comment coming from you! I know this is exactly what you did – you are such an inspiration to me, and I cannot wait to see where your new life and freedom takes you! I am so proud of you. Hugs from across the country 🙂 (I wish it wasn’t that far!!!)

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