how you say it.

i remember when the iPad came out, I read a techie article where the reviewer was weighing the pros and cons of the newfangled device. I don’t remember where I read this article (I really tried to find it!), andI know I’m going to majorly butcher what he actually said, but it is something to this effect:

“Many are saying ‘Guys, it’s a big iPhone.’ ”

“But, what I’m saying is ‘Guys, it’s a big iPhone!!’ ”

He went on to talk about how cool it was that we now had access to a device that was just as cool as the iPhone, except with greater creative capability, screen quality, media potential, compatibility, etc. It was so refreshing to read, as many were critiquing the necessity of this “giant iPhone without the ability to make calls”, and it made me sincerely excited about a new member of my Apple family to save for. 🙂

I always think about this article, but less for the iPad nerdiness, and more for the lines highlighted above – a simple change in the tone of that sentence turns it from a boring drag to an exciting prospect.


Instead of “I have to go running.”, it’s “I have to go running!!” (it makes me feel so good!)

“I need to wake up early.” to “I need to wake up early!!” (I have so many things to get done!)

“(whining) I have soo much to do today.” to “I have SO much to do today!!” (how lucky am I to be so busy and productive!)

I know it sounds super cheesy – even I  rolled my eyes typing these out – but it will absolutely change the tone and outlook of your day, if you do it with full commitment and intent to make it work for you. just try it!

something else that always brings me back to Earth when I’m in any kind of space of dread is the change from “I have to” to “I am able to”.

I am able to go running.

I am able to wake up early.

I am able to be too busy, I am able to eat healthier, I am able to make a bunch of phone calls, run errands, work long hours, get less sleep…

Not everyone is able.

Keep it in mind!

i really love you all.



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