on loneliness.

it happens.

On sadness…

it happens.

On emptiness, longing, darkness and doubt…

it happens, happens, happens.

And it will continue to happen. It just will!


Just because I think life is beautiful, and I want you to love yours, doesn’t mean I don’t feel and see the loneliness, sadness, pain, emptiness, longing, and doubt. It’s there, and it’s real, and sometimes it feels like we will never get ourselves out of the dark, that we will never escape the lows…

But guess what? We will.

You will.

I promise.

This thing you might be thinking about too much, that feeling that knocks the wind out of you, the person that makes you feel less-than, this rut that has you motivation-less and feeling like you’re falling behind – these will all GO.

If you do your work, and your work is on yourself, every day, no matter how bad things are, you can and will get yourself out of anything and everything that doesn’t suit you.

So do the work! These feelings aren’t forever. But it is up to you to move yourself through them.

The light is waiting!


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