bouncing back.

a few years back, when I would get in a rut, it was terrifying – I never knew when I would climb back out, or how I was going to do it. When I eventually did have an upswing, it was usually because of some outside event or something shifting in my world – it made sense that I felt good again, but that event or shift couldn’t always be duplicated, so the next looming rut remained scary and unpredictable. What if next time I can’t get out of it??

Today I still get in ruts. I still have bad days, spells of anxiety where I stay up all night thinking about how little I have done and how quickly time is passing and how much money I want and how much time I don’t have and and AND…!!!


These days I simply put on Jim Rohn. I pick up a book that inspires me. I read my favorite blogs again and again. I write down everything I’m thankful for. I remember not to take myself so seriously, no matter how serious I think things are!

Now my bounce-back is so damn quick and completely controlled by me – by bringing myself back to a good space, I am able to move on and resolve what is bothering me in a much more efficient and healthy way. Now I don’t fear ruts, because I know they won’t be around long. (!)

I challenge you to do the same! Find remedies for your doldrums and you will see that they come around less and less often 🙂


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