if you want the best.

be the best.


this is my favorite concept ever. it’s so simple! and so profound! I could stop the blog here, but I think I will continue because I like the sound of my own keyboard keys:

if you want the best boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/spouse, be the best boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/spouse.

if you want the best career, be the best worker/employee/entrepreneur.

if you want the best communicator, be the best communicator.

if you want the best friend, be the best friend.

if you want the best life, live in the best way: cultivate the best habits, think the best thoughts, have the best attitude, read the best books, engage with the best people, do the best things for others…


remember, you can’t cheat the Universe, there is no such thing as a free lunch – you don’t just get lucky and get the best!

become exactly what you want, and somehow, someway, and surprisingly quickly, you will get exactly what you want.

Promise! 🙂

love you all.


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